Standing In The Gap CD Project

This project released at the end of 2012.  Released with 13 tracks, 12 of which are originals written by Jeff & India Owens and Kara Barnard.  The Project was a labor of love in so many ways including where the proceeds go.  In 1995 Jeff created the "Kasey Program" teaching children about fire and life safety.  The program reaches and teaches 400,000 children annually in more than 400 programs.  100% of the proceeds from the sale of the album go to that program.  Koorsen Fire and Security is the cooporate sponsor for the Kasey Program.  Kasey is a Black Labrador Retriever that demonstrates all of the skills taught to the children, i.e., stop, drop & roll, crawling under the smoke, telling an adult when they find matches and lighters.  100% of the proceeds from the sell of this album will go to The Kasey Program and it's mission to reach and teach children their fire & life safety skills.

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"Standing In The Gap" was recorded and mastered at Airtime Studios, Bloomington, IN